How to encourage your kids to wear sunglasses with zero fuss

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I think we can all agree that it can be difficult to get some of our kids to wear their sunglasses. Sunnies aren’t always a kid’s best friend; some kids need a little more time getting used to them. Patience is key!

Sunglasses are more like a big brother or sister. They will always be there for them and shield them from harm. However, they will oftentimes see it as annoying and unneeded. Although your kid may not like or understand why they should wear them, sunglasses are super important for kids to wear whenever they are out in the sun. Kids eyes need a lot more protection than ours, and they are also outside playing in the sun for longer periods of time than we generally are.

You may have bought them their first pair kids' sunglasses or you’re trying their second or third to see what works best for them. It can be hard to navigate how we can get them to wear their sunnies with zero fuss. That’s why we have come up with some simple steps and tricks that might just get them wearing their sunnies with a big smile on their face!

Make sure the whole family is in on it!

All the kids, even mum and dad, need to be in on the sun safety. Wear your hats and sunglasses as well as slathering on the sunscreen. This may help your little one to feel included instead of feeling uncomfortable for being the only one with all their gear on! If they are old enough, you can also explain to them why it’s important that we all do this.

Put on your sun safety gear together!

If the first tip isn’t quite the issue, then also applying sunscreen and getting ready to head out into the sun TOGETHER may just be the thing. Make it a standard and not something that you call out to them at the last second to put on their sunnies. Knowing that it’s something that they have to do as an afterthought may just be what’s putting them off.

Get comfortable and quality sunglasses!

Even adults don’t like wearing uncomfortable or cheap sunglasses. Sunnies can be too big making them fall off easily and that can be annoying. Often sunglasses can be tight which can lead to headaches or skin irritation behind the ears. They may look like they’re sitting well but most kids' sunglasses are made from not flexible plastic and they don’t bend properly to fit your kids face shape which can cause these issues. Cheaper sunglasses made from not flexible materials also tend to break more easily leaving you with an upset little one. A pair of children's sunnies that fits perfectly and that feels comfortable is really going to help your kids find wearing them as a positive experience.

Let them choose their pair!

Whether you’re ordering online or in a store, let your little one choose which style or colour they’d prefer. This will hopefully make sure that they like their groovy new pair of sunnies (unless they change their mind which may happen) and they may even be more inclined to wear them knowing they were handpicked by the one and only!

Give them compliments!

If you’ve done these steps so far and got them a cool pair of kids' sunglasses that they love yet are still hesitant to wear them then try saying how awesome they look. They may not like wearing sunnies not because of the quality but maybe because it’s something new and different.

Wear them often!

Make sunnies an everyday thing even when they are just having a quick run around in the backyard. The more they get use to them and seeing them on the bench every day will take the stigma away. There are no scary secrets in the mystery pair of sunnies!

Wear them in the car!

As well as wearing them often when you’re outdoors, it’s also a great idea to get them to wear their sunnies whenever you’re in the car. Some kids might not like or aren’t used to how sunglasses make everything darker when they are out and running around. Getting them used to the darker lighting while they are sitting in a car can really help to combat this! Introducing sunnies to them by joining in on wearing them in the car will also help to normalise it… and our kids LOVE copying us and doing what adults do.

Remember to pace yourself and take it slow.

Even if you get them to wear their sunnies for 1 minute at a time it’s better than not trying at all! Build this up every day as every time they put them on it will bring them closer to getting used to wearing them.
I know what you may be thinking, this seems like a lot to get your little one to pop on their sunnies. But sometimes it really can be that challenging! You may just find 1 or 2 of these steps do the trick but some kids might need all 8 steps to get the ball rolling. These tips can also help kids of all ages from their very first pair or even if they’ve been wearing them for a few years and haven’t gotten use to them yet.